Friday, 1 August 2014

Dear Hubby !

Dear Hubby,

After writing dear I thought for a while whether to write friend or husband? Because you’ve played both the role very well in this one year. In fact you play many roles in my life and I appreciate all of them.  I was planning to buy a surprise gift for you since last but God has some other plans. Our cylinder got over suddenly and as you know I needed to rush home every day after work. So now I have only my words to gift you. And I am thinking of writing a letter like this every year on our anniversary. Yes, I have copied this idea from Nicholas spark’s book “Message in a bottle” and I know you’re nodding your head!  

First of all I want to thank you for accepting the “real” me. You are a strong man as you’ve to tolerate a girl/woman/lady like me for the rest of your life. I do not regret my life with you. I was princess before marriage and now I am your queen also. We will look back on this year for our smiles. The sounds of our laugh that I have collected throughout the year will Eco in my ears always.  

You stood by my side even in bad times. Precious things that you gave me in this one year are your love, care, understanding and friendship and most importantly your time. Thanks for sharing your life with me. Even though, I still don’t like eating paneer and you can’t live without taking “chap” but did you noticed that we are slowly becoming each other?

I want to write so many things but you know right know I am suffering from “Hypoglycemia” (a term learned from you in this one year) so I will have to stop here. I just want to say, “I love you” and I will never leave you. 

Happy 1st wedding anniversary to us!!! Cheers!!! 



Monday, 14 July 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday to "A piece of SHE..."

A piece of SHE…turns 2 day! I feel like a proud mother of my blog. The memory of its first day is still very clear on my mind. My life has changed a lot in past one year but one piece remained with me wherever I was and whatever I did. I still get Goosebumps when I hit the published button like the first day. I can’t tell you how thankful I am who read my post. I am also thankful to those kind people who take out time from their life to inspire a stranger like me. They show me that world is full of good and selfless people. 

This year’s achievements of “A piece of SHE…”

PR increased from 1 to 2. Not that it matters but still!

Accepted by Google ad sense 

Made new friends/readers

Per day page views increased compare to last year.

I think I have finally learned to advertise. Actually even the small achievement brings happiness when you love someone in this case something. Once again, thank you so much for all your love and support!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A Frustrated Wife

When I was a teenager, whenever I used to get angry at my parents I used to say to them, “I am not living with you people, I am leaving home, I want to go away from all of you.” One day my father replied, smiling, “Once you leave home, you will not be able to come back again ever like me. I left home for job when I was young and I never got chance to live in my own house again.” My father was an emotionally strong person that time and he never said something like this before to us or to me. Therefore, I remember his words and also because it had touched my heart deeply. I remember his face while he was saying that to me and it was haunting me last night. Yesterday I understood why he was smiling that day even though I was mad at him. He knew I will understand his words someday. He knew it will be too late then. I understand it now when I am married and away from them. Last night was that day when I felt like running towards my family and fall into their arms but I couldn’t. 

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I detach myself from those people who are capable enough to hurt my emotionally fragile heart and mind. Unfortunately currently the warning signs are coming from my husband. The task is tough and challenging. Detachment is not always a bad thing to practice. Detachment for me is accepting the things as they are and understanding that you don’t own the person you love. Just love his/her free soul. Detachment is not expecting anyone, especially the person whom you love, to play your game and following the rules made by you only. 

More I try to practice detachment on my husband to make both our life happy and easy more I fail miserably.  It just doesn’t go away. My emotional disk save everything and burst open as soon as the bottle of frustration gets full. It is bringing out the worst from me.  If I am heading towards detachment or building walls of indifference around me I am not sure. The worst part is because I am reading spiritual books these days’ people expect me to change overnight. Then jailers would have given spiritual books to all the prisoners and they all would have become saint and there would have been no need of constitution and laws to punish them.

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 I don’t see love in his eyes. I smell fear. Fear of my reaction, my tears and my articles. Love is replaced by duty of playing the role of an obedient husband. I very well understand the sarcasm behind “Ok, Baby”!  I wanted to write what had happened but changed my mind. If someone doesn’t understand my tears and silence then he will not understand my words also. One positive outcome is my tears are making him laugh. At least I gave him one reason to laugh.
I will be with him always but I am letting him go …

Monday, 16 June 2014

Many Lives, Many Masters By Dr. Brian L. Weiss, MD

I believe that there are some books that we do not choose, they choose us. Many lives, many masters is one such book. I found it in a recently opened book shop near our flat. I was looking for a spiritual book in the religion/philosophy section but I found this in non- fiction section so discarded the thought of buying a nonfiction book. I picked up 2-3 books but something inside me said that you’re not taking the right book home with you tonight. I ended up buying none. I feel that spiritual books come to you at the right time for you. You do not make any intellectual choice, but at your own correct spiritual timing they reach to you. 

So when after 1 week when I visited the same book store again and found myself strongly attracted towards only this book, I knew at once that I am looking for this only. I finished reading it in two and the half days, forgetting everything and everyone around me. I am sharing my reading experience with my readers.  
Many Lives, Many Masters is a nonfiction book written by a very well educated psychiatrist Dr. Brian L. Weiss. After finishing MLMM, I asked myself following question:
What lessons I need to learn from life?
And from where do my fears comes from? 

Addressing your problem is winning half the battle and this book will help you to win the battle of life. Dr Brian didn’t know that his patient “Catherine” is not just like any other patients he daily comes across. She came to change his life. Dr studied in Columbia University and Later completed his medicine degree from Yale University in 1970. All these degrees never let him accept anything other than science and logic until he started treating  Catherine. Many Lives, Many Masters is his first book. After that he had written nine more books. His latest is "Miracle Happens" I think.

Catherine worked in his office but they didn’t know each other. Catherine was suffering from worst nightmares which were affecting her both personal and professional life badly. She couldn’t sleep at night and this was dragging her deep into depression.  A colleague advised her to visit Dr. Brian, at first she had refused. But later, when she could sense that her condition was only becoming worse day after day, she fixed an appointment with Dr. Brian.

For Dr. Brian her disease wasn’t something that he couldn’t treat. He thought he knew very well how to treat her and he was confident that it will work on her. He found nothing challenging. He was aghast when even after applying all his psychiatrist techniques for this simple case, he couldn’t recover Catherine. Her dreams were very much alive inside her, hampering her daily functions of life. 

At last, he tried regression on her with her permission and the outcome left him confused as well as shocked. Strangely this technique worked. He started treating her through the techniques which he had not gained from his degrees but it was the only method which was working remarkably on Catherine.
During regression process Catherine revealed some shocking facts to Brian. At first, he didn’t believe but later he got some solid proof to make him believe.

This book is about reincarnations and past lives. It has reveal many secrets about incarnations and what happen to soul after they die , transition period of soul which are  not to so known area of life and when it comes from a psychiatrist like Dr. Brian then you know that you’re heading towards the right direction.  He took four years to write this book. He knew this topic could completely destroy his carrier but then he thought that he should not uphold these informations from the people.

Most of us live in a fear of death and dying all the time. It’s an unknown planet to us and something which is familiar and known helps us to face it courageously and confidently. If someone tell us what happen to us after we or our loved one dies and what life is all about then it help us to eliminate the fear from our mind forever. 

I wouldn’t be wrong if I call this book, “Many lives, Many masters of Catherine.” You will read about her past lives and message from the masters from above. It has message for us too. Its intention is to teach us what life is all about and what is the right way of living it? It confirmed past lives and reincarnations to remove fears about death from our mind. It has also tried to teach us to strike balance with nature or else we’re going to face the consequences and aren’t we already facing it in the formal drastic climate changes and rise in natural calamities all over the world? 

Dr Brian’s writing style is simple and beautiful. This book has the ability to hold the attention of readers until the end even if you’re not interested in incarnations and past lives. Everyone will enjoy reading this book and after reading this you may find yourself discussing about this book with your peers and family. This book is such that even if you pick it up after a long day of work, you will feel refresh! 

Now I know that why this book came to me. I am always scared of death. Not my death but for the people around me. Sometimes my fears paralyze my mind and I often seek shelter of God to bring me out from that state and this book is His way of answering my prayers.

A piece of SHE’s rating: 5/5


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Nature Of Cosmic Laws

Sudden disappearance of a soul from the earth surprises us. We live in the constant fear of losing our dear ones. Everyday thousands of soul arrives on earth and thousands bid us goodbye. Many of them doesn’t even get chance to exchange words of gratitude and love to each other. It feels unfair to us and that raise the question of existence of God, HIS justice and His cosmic laws in our mind. It is beyond our capacity to understand HIS doings. HE only knows what He does and why He does so!

I have no qualification to write this article. I am still working from the human plane and far from achieving my spiritual degree whose dean is our own Beloved God.  May GOD forgive me for any wrong message or information. 

My uncle died in an accident in 2004. He was young and I was just a teenager. It was my first encounter with death of someone very near to me. More I see tears in the eyes of my mother and my grandmother and the silence of my uncle more my mind cloud with the “WHY”? I know like me, many of you is haunted with this three letter word “why” every night and day and on every special occasion or on big events in your life.

Even if you’re not a spiritual person my viewpoint might work as a balm on your “why”. When something like this happen in our life then only we understand that we’ve no control over our life. There is a supreme power that is controlling every life and remote control is in his hand. No matter how much we add zeros in our salary, acquire degrees and justify everything with science and technology at the end of the day we have to play his game and follow his rules & regulations, whether we like it or not. His cosmic law doesn’t make any sense to us. Only His lawyers understand it. 

Karma and reincarnation are two key players of this game called life. As far as my understanding goes God’s earthly laws are based on these two factors. When my ex dumped me, stupidly I used to think that karma will teach him lessons someday. I thought only negative incidents or acts create karma. However, karma is every action and inaction. We are creating karma every moment. Even negative and positive thoughts are also engulfing us in the karma game.

We are involve in this karma and incarnation until our liberation. We are rewarded for our good actions and for bad actions we are given a chance to learn the lesson to change it into good karma. When you learn it finally you’re free from it forever. Otherwise lessons will continue sometimes for many incarnations until we learn it. Meanwhile, God provide us various coachs and classes to make sure we pass the exam with flying colors. God smile like a proud parent when we succeed. We don’t work out all our karma in our present incarnation. We reincarnate many times to learn our lessons. 

So sometimes when something bad happen to us which doesn’t make any sense to us is the result of our actions in our previous incarnation and fortunately we don’t remember it. I would explain to you why it’s fortunate to not remember. 

Past incarnation is the topic that we often serve at our dinner table. It attracts both my husband and me. We do not miss any chance to approach (read irritate or nag) any person on earth who we think can talk about it. We always say that how wonderful it would be if I knew what and who I was in our past lives. Why those who can tell us what we were, doesn’t tell us about it. It would be just fun to know. But what I understood little bit by reading few books (not many) that it’s a blessing from God that we do not remember it. 

Very few people remember their past lives. They have some purpose to serve. Cosmic laws are not rigid like our constitutional laws. It’s a boon that God make us forget our past lives and we start with blank pages forgetting our past mistakes to start with in every incarnation. I am going into only one direction of karma and reincarnation in this article. It’s a huge subject. 

My human understanding says that the God’s intention behind it is to help us grow. It shows that He loves us in spite of our mistakes and wants us to love ourselves. If we remember our past mistakes we might not able to grow or come out from the guilt feeling. We might feel bad about ourselves and hate ourselves. Therefore, God delete everything from the hard disk of our mind and give us a new chance to be a better person. HE gives his unconditional and non judgmental love again and again no matter what.

And because we don’t remember our past lives and our karmas we question about His Justice when something bad happen to us. May be we had broken many hearts in our past lives therefore, in this incarnation people are breaking our hearts even when we are giving them our unconditional love. There is no scientific way to prove it but we are human. Science cannot always solve our problems. We have feelings. Only truth will set you free from all your sufferings and I hope my article set your soul free.

Our life’s string is in his hand. He will pull us back to Him when He think is the right time for us. But trust me, He is just, fair and loving. We don’t understand him and he doesn’t mind taking all blame on himself. My interpretation for sudden death of a young person from cancer or accident is this that if we take this earth as an institution of God and we are students learning the Karmic lessons. Different students have different ways of learning. God has many institutions like this in various planets. God take care of the spiritual need of his each and every student. When he think that the institution on earth is not suitable for a particular student then he sent him to another institution with different teachers on a different planet to learn his lessons. 

I have no way to prove this but I hope this might help those who are trying to come in terms with the loss of their dear ones. May God heal your soul and set you free. Amen!