Thursday, 10 April 2014

Soul's Perfection !

As soon as I close my eyes,

My soul wake up in a different place

That place is surrounded with bright shapeless lights

I belong to that place

My soul has come from there on earth and

That’s where my soul will go after my body dies.

I am inside the God’s territory

Jealousy, hatred , ego , desires couldn’t touch me here

I wish to achieve the “soul's perfection" ,
When I open my eyes again on earth

To be with GOD until eternity....!!!

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P.S:  Today is my uncle’s 10th death anniversary. He died in an accident at very young age. He was a very good soul. May his soul Rest In Peace.  I know he is happy and fine wherever he is now. I know God is taking good care of him!

May God give my mother strength to deal with the memories of his little brother.

We love you and miss you so much …

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Spiritual Masterpiece - Autobiography of a Yogi By Parmahansa Yogananda

My spiritual journey started with this book. But let me tell you I am just a new born baby in this spiritual world who doesn't know anything about it. Like a baby I need help of others (especially God and my Master) to do anything. My heart is not pure and this "I" is very much alive in me.  I am just sharing my experience with as they call it "spiritual treasure".

I was not a spiritual or religious person. Few years back when I was going through a different phase of my life, my uncle took me to his childhood friend’s house. He is a spiritual person. I didn’t understand most of the things he said to me but I somehow felt good talking to him and I remember feeling calm and peaceful inside which had become rare thing in those days.  Later he introduced me to his Master and after few days I also become the follower of his Master. 

Unfortunately, I went to visit my Master (spiritual Guru) after that only twice or thrice. He lived far away from my house and sadly I lost interest in my spiritual journey even before it actually started. May be because I had no clue what this was all about. My life turned completely upside down and people around me started making fun of me for becoming his follower. That was also the reason for my spiritual death. 

Parmahansa YoganandaI

I didn’t want to change myself and unfortunately I thought that His teachings would change me into a Nun. I thought I would stop eating non veg, I would stop hanging out with friends and I would stop enjoying life. I was such a fool (though still I am). All these foolish thoughts and lack of knowledge blocked me from walking on the spiritual path. This had happened in 2010.

In 2012 I met my husband. He is both spiritual and religious person (which I am not). One day he asked me If I know Yogananda and have I read his book “Autobiography of a Yogi”? I was unaware then that the spiritual turning point of my life had arrived. 

My husband recommended this book to me and my reaction was like: Are you crazy? I am not at all a spiritual person and I have no wish to read books like these. I am not reading this ever in my life. But later a name which he had mentioned was on my mind even after I dismissed his recommendation. That name was “Babaji”. I started googling about “Babaji” and surprisingly found a free e copy of Autobiography of a Yogi. 
Mahavtar Babaji

I told myself that I will read only one page and as soon as I finished the first page I ordered the hard copy online and started waiting for it’s day and night. When I held the book in my hand the man in the cover looked familiar to me. I had seen this picture at my uncle’s friend house and our master’s house. 

It feels like Yogananda somehow found me even though I left him 2 years back in a small town of Durgapur. Your life will change completely when Yogananda will stare at you from the cover of the book. You will not forget his eyes for the rest of your life. This book is for those who is seeking the ultimate truth of life. It was first published in 1946. 

Parmahansa Yogananda was born with a divine mission on earth. His mission was to introduce yoga to the west. Although it is a spiritual book but it is written in a very simple and interesting way. Once you start reading it you will find it hard to take your eyes away from it. People from any background, age, religion can read and enjoy this book.

I am no one to write about this book. I have no qualification. I just want to say that if you feel lost then just hold his hands and He will take you to a most peaceful and happy place. 

All the best to you and May God Bless you!

Have you read this book? How you find it? 

You may read this book online for free here : Autobiography of a Yogi By PARMAHANSA YOGANANDA

Friday, 4 April 2014

A Message From The Above !

Our Guru (spiritual guide) was in ecstatic mood after returning from Raghu Nath temple in Jammu on 25th march 2014. He was sitting with his devotees and uttered these divine lines:
“Gam na kar badal ghanera,
Kiske roke ruka hain savera “

He explained to his devotees that (as far as I remember & understood), do not feel scared and sad when your see dark clouds in the sky. Always remember that no matter what morning will come next day. Morning has to come. No one and nothing can stop the rays of sun to reach on earth. Nothing is permanent, neither your happiness nor sadness. Everything passes. The good and the bad. The sorrow and the joy. There is a bright beautiful light waiting for you at the end of the dark tunnel.

Further he said, 

"Yeh raat jitni bhi sangeen hogi,
  Subha utni he haseen hongi..."

Meaning: However dark the night is, morning will be more brighter and beautiful. According to HIM It is important to know what pain is to enjoy happiness. You will get bored if there is only happiness in your life. Sadness bring change in your life and teach us to appreciate happiness when its arrive.

Dark nights and bright mornings are an integral part of our life. Accept both and remember HIM ( The Supreme) in every season of your life.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Bye Bye Santa...See You Next Year !

Before turning the page on this year’s Christmas I want to write it down here. I want to lock it in my memory through words. This was our first Christmas together. I live in India and although I am not christen but I and I think every Indian eagerly wait for Christmas every year. Christmas means surprise gifts, Santa, cakes, chocolates and if possible then a small trip. 
St Antony Church

This year my Santa was my husband. On 24th he was suppose to come back in the afternoon from office but he got stuck and came in the evening around 6. In India we get holiday on 25th only. Some people are not that lucky to get even one day holiday. My husband bought chocolate for me. Although I am dieting and not allowed to even look at chocolates but he made exemption for this day. After that we spent time talking and teasing each other. We had ordered four different non veg pan pizzas from dominos for our dinner. And of course, we fought after that over a silly issue. Our celebration remains incomplete if we don’t fight with each other.

Next day I woke up and decided to forget about the fight and enjoy Christmas. I called up my parents and family members to wish them. This was my parents first Christmas without me but I was happy to know that they are celebrating with their friends. I felt relaxed to know that they are not alone. 

 I took one and the half hour to get ready. Before going out for lunch we again fought. I asked my hubby to comb my hair and he was not ready to do that. He hadn’t combed his hair once after waking up in the morning. He got angry as he felt that I am interfering too much and I was mad at him as I was not able to understand what kind of person will not comb his hair before going out? I felt frustrated because If I can change myself why cant he and what I asked him was not such a difficult thing. Moreover if something doesn’t look go
od on him then being his wife I have right to inform him about the same.

We ended our fight in the lunch table. He made me laugh even though I was mad at him. So I gave up. After lunch we went to St Antony Church. Main gate was open but by the time we reach there the church door had been closed. It was open till 11am only. We spent some time inside the campus. I think we looked more like best buddies than husband wife. We left after half an hour and headed towards a nearby shopping mall. We spent some time in a book shop and after that we came back around 4:30 pm.

Again at around 7pm we decided to visit a mall near our flat. It was a wonderful evening. We didn’t fight and walked hand in hand. We shared jokes, laugh, secrets and love. We came back around 9pm and that’s how we celebrated our Christmas. This Christmas was about two of us and I liked it that way. We are hoping to celebrate our next Christmas in the different part of the world. Lets see where love and life take us.

Monday, 23 December 2013

One - Liners !

I love reading quotes. I can spend hours reading quotes on various sites. I even have a page in facebook called "Idle Words" where I share quotations by famous people.And I am thinking of opening a new website also in 2014. Sometimes It inspire me to write my own. So After a long time came up with few one liners below:

  • If you are good to me  then I am also good to you. But If you are bad to me , I would simply IGNORE your EXISTENCE.

  • Marriage is an institute where you learn the ACT OF BALANCING. Imbalances may cause accident (broken marriage).

  • Keep Judging me. Meanwhile, I live my life.

  • I don't want to fit into your definition of PERFECTION. 

  • People love me as long as I say "YES". The moment I say "NO", I am worst than a murderer for them.

  • You are YOU. Always be a mentally independent person.  

Wish You & Your Family Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year !

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Happiness For Me Is ....

“Are you happy”? 

We often face this question and answering this becomes more difficult when you are expected to reply in one word “Yes” or “No”. 

Image Source: Happiness

I have read many definitions on “happiness” by the famous people but then I came into conclusion that you cannot define happiness for others. Everyone has its own definition of happiness. Happiness is not just one thing. It’s a small things combined together which gives us satisfaction at the end of the day. 

One doesn’t need one year to know if they are happy or not. You can know that daily. And trust me, if you notice closely then you will find those precious happy moments in your life even if that happiness was just for an hour or may be few seconds. Sometimes in bad days those small moments can help us to uplift our mood. 

Keep your heart open to feel those happy moments. You must write down your own definition of happiness. With time your happiness will also change. That’s very natural. May be if you write it down and read it again after few years you will get to know how much you’ve changed or grown up. So for me happiness is:

When I make round rotis ( Indian Bread)

When I get a kiss and hug from my husband in the morning

When I draw perfect straight line through my eye liner on my eyelid .

When I shed away those most unwanted fats from my body. 

When I am me.

When I talk to my family and friends over phone.

When no one judge me.

When I buy something for someone and for myself ;-)

When I eat chocolate.

When I talk to someone after a long fight.

When I get "Likes" in Facebook.

When I feel blessed and loved.

When I see smile on lips.

Last but not least when I accidentally come up with a good sentence in my blog post, gain new followers and read comments from my readers. 

What's your definition of happiness ? What makes you happy ? I would love to hear from you.  

Stay happy and spread happiness all around you :)